Rob Roy Hill Climb InterClub Challenge

The Rob Roy Hill Climb hosted another InterClub Challenge today, Sunday 23 May 2021. The stunning autumn weather gave us a crisp morning with clear sky, close to zero degrees. Just after sunrise, the valley’s surrounding the property in Christmas Hills were filled with fog. By midday the air temp had reached into the high teens and only with a slight breeze.

A wide variety of cars were entered in the event.

From purpose built and modified cars to standard runabouts, it was worth seeing people drive their chosen weapon to the limit. Open wheelers, Impreza WRXs, Renault Meganes, MGs, and even Honda Jazz’s (Fit in Japan) contributed to the variety of car in competition. It certainly wasn’t limited to gentlemen drivers, either. From 15 years of age, male and female, any driver is welcomed and appreciated at this event. It goes to show the sporting spirit and camaraderie of the community.

I’ve wanted to enter this event for years.

It’s only 25 mins from home and I’ve been close to entering the event with my 1987 Nissan Skyline GTS-X. Unfortunately the race seat mounts I ordered hadn’t arrived and I wanted to wait till I could get it set up. So, I took the opportunity to take some photographs and make this blog post.

Rob Roy Hill Climb is a must for any car enthusiast.

The variety of cars is one thing, the challenge is real, and it’s a nice scenic drive to the property. When I arrived, I was met with friendly officials at the gate and as I proceeded up to the parking area I admired the beautiful rolling green hills bordered by trees. I could hear cars on the track, the sound of cars breaking the silence of the countryside is exciting.

The pit area allows a good view of the first section of the track and there’s a short walk up the hill to the spectator area that gives you a view of most about half the track. It’s definitely an event you should get to. Next time I go, I hope I have a competition number on the side of my Skyline.

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