Are you addicted to your camera screen?

Do you always check your image on the screen after taking a shot? Yes, you do don’t you? Every single shot?

I was thinking back, not too far, to when I shot all my images on film. This is 6 years back… not long at all. When shooting, I always made sure my exposure was right and checked how my frame was composed before depressing the shutter release. I wasn’t going to waste any more Velvia or Provia than I needed to. Mostly because a roll cost $25. But also because as I was shooting motorsport, I couldn’t afford to miss any shots while I was reloading. I didn’t really know if I had THE shot until the film was processed. I wonder, are you addicted to your camera screen?

These days, I find myself checking the screen of my DSLR after a series of shots so I know I can move on to another kind of shot. I don’t feel that I check it compulsively, though. Are you addicted to your camera screen?

I brought this up in the office last week. I asked a few coworkers, who are also photographers, how often they check. One said he switches his off. He makes sure he has exposure is right before he fires the shutter, and doesn’t check till he brings the images up on the computer screen. He’s afraid of missing any opportunity of capturing a great moment while he’s looking at the LCD.

Another agreed, although said he does check after he’s stepped away from the scene.

I have a friend who’s very enthusiastic, and quite the emerging photographer. He’s guilty of checking his screen after almost each shot. He jokes with me that he has no idea of a world pre-digital as he took up photography well into the digital era.

It makes me think that there are many photographers out there, no matter what level, who have picked up the art form with no experience of touching film, have not positioned a loupe over a film strip on a light box, have not had cracked skin on their fingers from too many splashes of dev, and have certainly not learned to feel their way in the dark while loading a cassette from a bulk loader!

Tell me, how often do check your LCD?

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2 thoughts on “Are you addicted to your camera screen?

  1. Ercan Selim says:

    I just use the screen to adjust the exposure to the scene, check the histogram and I never look at it again until the conditions change.


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