Car Photography in Melbourne

I’ve been doing car photography in Melbourne for over two decades. I have a deep appreciation for all cars and aim to give your car the photoshoot it deserves! I work to the brief and get creative to get the best angles and features of your car.

I use some great car photo locations in Melbourne, and will find an awesome setting to photograph your car. My passion for car photography drives me to get the best results possible.

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I have the flexibility to travel to a location of your choice and set up my portable gear. I use up to five flash heads on a wireless network and position them around the car to light up your car’s features.

In most photo shoots I use three flash heads externally and one placed in the car. The position and angle of the flashes is crucial to give the shot its dramatic mood. By placing a flash in the interior, I can get nice highlights of the seats, roll cage, or any specific feature visible.

I have a usual set of shots I create and I’m always open to special requests. The usual shots are; front, front/side angle, side, side/rear angle, rear, interior and engine. I’ll also capture the key features of your car; badges, brakes/suspension, engine detail, interior detail if you request it.

I have been taking photos of cars for over 20 years in a professional capacity. When someone contacts me for their car photography, I discuss what they want to achieve and their preferences of location, time and date.

I work with intent to produce the shots they’ve briefed me on and I pride myself on providing the best customer service I can. I have a deep appreciation for all cars and aim to give your car the photoshoot it deserves!

Contact me now for car photography in Melbourne, to discuss your ideas and how we can make an epic series of photos.

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions – Melbourne Car Photography

How many photos do I get?

I’ll take as many as you like. For cars, most of my clients ask for about 10 shots. That covers the key angles of the car; front, front quarter, side, rear quarter, rear, interior, badging or special features. I describe it all here in this YouTube video.

For portraits and glamour, 12 shots is most popular. This gives us three shots in four looks/styles/outfits.

Of course, if you need more I’m open to discussion. I can shoot all day I love doing this so much!

How much do you charge?

My services range depending on what you require and have inspiration for. A basic photo shoot starts at $450, and including video $800. If you want your shoot in a studio, they can vary in price and generally depend on how much time we use it for. As a general guide, a studio to shoot a car will cost about $1000 and a portrait session, about $450.

At the beginning of our discussions we’ll determine what we think is best to get the results you want.

What if I don’t like the photos?

It’s important we’re both on the same page for styling, look and feel of the shoot. I like to discuss your needs before the shoot, talk over a mood board and look at reference images. During the shoot we’ll take the time to review as we go, and when it comes to post production I’ll happily alter the images to a reasonable extent.

Will I feel comfortable on the shoot?

This really ties into the previous question. I believe good planning and discussion prior to the shoot helps us both. We’ll discuss the style and mood of the shoot, look over your outfits and costumes to plan which scene we’ll use them. I’ll show you the images as we progress through the shoot so we can make adjustments to pose and outfits to ensure we get what we cam for.

Can you get a Lambo for me?

YES! I can get a Lambo. I can also get a Ferrari. I can source any car you’d like. Want an old classic Ford F-truck? A race car? Whatever the vibe you want to give in the shots, whatever your brand image, it’s important you love the shots. So, during the planning lets discuss all the options.

Watch the video of me answering your questions.