The Impassioned People Project is a series of stories all about people with a deep passion for their hobby or profession. I want to share people's stories about why they became so passionate.

The first chapter of the project was spent interviewing Tatsuhiro Shibata. He is the figurehead of the world-famous R31House and has built the empire out of complete passion for the seventh generation of Nissan Skyline, the R31. Shibata is a fun-loving middle-aged man, respectfully called 'Tenchou' by friends and customers. He is so incredibly passionate about his own business that he still calls it his hobby.

In this interview produced by Michael Finger of Nishimachi Photography with his good friend and customer of R31House Yasunori Sakamoto, Shibata reveals the passion that drove him to build R31House into what it is today - the biggest specialist business of the R31 Skyline world-wide. Please enjoy the video below.


If you would prefer to read the interview in English or Japanese please CLICK HERE.



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