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The Cleanest Drifter - Nissan Skyline R32 Sedan

The Cleanest Drifter - Nissan Skyline R32 Sedan

I spotted this Nissan Skyline GTS-T on my daily commute. It stood out bright and one of a kind. Its stance. Perfect wheel fitment. Simple styling. Its smooth ride. That 2 litre six cylinder sound! I followed this silver sensation through sets of traffic lights admiring the styling. Then I lost sight of it among the thick traffic.

I posted on the Skylines Australian forum, reaching out to my fellow Skyline fanatics to find its owner. I didn't get anywhere.

Weeks later I spotted it. It pulled into a service station. I followed and approached the owner. I thought how creepy I might appear, so I wiped the drool from my chin and articulated just what I wanted. I played down my excitement. I gave him my business card and I explained that I had to photograph it. Time passed with no contact. I even spotted the car again in traffic and determined that he lived close to my neighbourhood and worked close to where I did. I refrained from stalking him.

Contact! Krish called me. We arranged a photo shoot not far from our neighbourhood's and we started talking Skylines, cars we'd owned and how we'd spec'd them. So with great pleasure I share the detail and photos.

The theme Krish had in mind to begin with was JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). Having spent years living in Japan I can vouch for this authenticity. There's a definite pride in most Japanese car fanatic and Krish certainly holds a high level of pride and respect for this J-style R32. The clean styling of the bodykit take the eyes to the detail - the GT-R grille (and of course bonnet), CST wheels and their fitment, Trust exhaust and Origin roof spoiler.


  • BNR32 Bonnet + N1 Lip
  • BNR32 Grille
  • BNR32 N1 Head Lights 
  • Supermade Clear Headlight Covers
  • GTS front bar + lower lip
  • Factory Type M Side Skirts
  • East Bear Rear Pods
  • Origin PS13 Boot Lip
  • Origin Roof Spoiler
  • Aqua Window Tint
  • Factory Weather shields


  • 17 x 9.5 +17 CST Hyper Zero
  • Tyres 215 40




The styling is obvious, though hiding within the suspension zone it becomes obvious this car is a serious performer. Krish built this GTS-T to driftable standards.


  • Silkroad RM/A8 Coilovers base height & damper adjustable
  • 10kg 150mm swift springs front
  • 8kg rear
  • Silkroad adjustable front camber arms
  • iKeya Formula rear castor rods
  • Tomei Hicas Lock Computer
  • Yashio Factory rear camber arms
  • C ring aluminium cradle bushes

The interior tells a story of a perfectionist. The practicality is in harmony with the simplistic styling of the exterior. With the installation of a double DIN DVD player Krish mouted the climate control panel inside the centre console.


  • Bride Brix 1.5 Front Seats
  • 360mm Nardi Deep Corn 
  • Yashio Factory Okachan Water Temp Meter
  • Yashio Factory Shift Knob & Handbrake Spin Turn Knob
  • Bee*R Rev Limiter
  • Apexi SAFC
  • 6 Point Achieve Roll Cage
  • Tomei 300km/h cluster
  • HKS Gauges (Volt, Oil Pressure, Boost)
  • Re Upholstered roof lining & door cards (Black Suede)
  • BNR32 Rear Seats
  • BNR34 5 Piece Floor Mat Set
  • Clarion Double DIN DVD Player



Drive train

  • Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch
  • Nismo GT LSD 1.5 way

Another popular application for a Nissan is an Exedy clutch and drive is competed by the Nismo diff.


  • RB20DET 200rwkw @13psi (yet to be re tuned to 19psi)
  • HKS GT2530 Kai Turbo
  • HKS Super Suction Hot Pipe
  • HKS Super Power Flow Pod Filter
  • Apexi Hybrid Return Flow Intercooler
  • Blitz Hard Piping Kit
  • Trust GREX Oil Cooler + Filter Relocation Kit
  • Trust DD Exhaust
  • Trust Split Dump & Front Pipe
  • Nistune ECU
  • Sard 740cc Injectors
  • Z32 AFM
  • Bosch 040 Fuel Pump
  • Braided oil & water lines


The sound of this RB20DET means business. From the above list of components it's no wonder why. Mr Shibata mentions the RB20 sound so many times in the Impassioned People Project interview (click here). This is indeed a special Skyline sedan. Please give me your comments in the box below.


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