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Race Queens of Super Taikyu Endurance Racing, Japan. Part 2

Race Queens of Super Taikyu Endurance Racing, Japan. Part 2

Welcome to the second part of this two part series.

In Japan promotional girls at car races are affectionately called Race Queens. They add entertainment to the race event like in any other country adding grace and beauty. Their sexy PVC, lyrca, latex, leather outfits are referred to as "kawaii". The closest translation in English to that is "cute".

There's a number of websites and magazines dedicated to Race Queens and they have a huge following. The Race Queens at the top level races are so popular they have their own tables set up like the race drivers to sign their autographs for their fans. Most of their fans, amusingly, are middle-aged geeky men. But hey, as long as they are respectful in the usual Japanese way there's no problem.


Bride Race QueenBride Race QueenJ's Racing Race QueensFrontier Race QueenOkabe Jidosha Race QueenFrontier Race QueenFrontier Race QueenMe and the GRG Race Queens and MascotFrontier Race Queen


As I seemed to be the only stand-out non-Japanese patron at Super Taikyu round 4 in Okayama I decided not to blend in or take a shy approach to these gorgeous women in such cute outfits making them so kawaii. As I took pics of them, easily getting their attention with my Australian accent, then impressing them with my Japanese language my friend Yasunori took photos of me posing with some of them.

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