Drift Racing is one if the worlds most entertaining extreme motorsports. Originating from Japan, the sport is now internationally recognised with many countries conducting national championships. There are also a number of international events around the world. In competition drivers run in pairs along a defined section of track consisting of a series of corners and are judged on their style; constant oversteer, angle maintained, proximity to the other driver and touching the clipping points (entry, apex and exit). Two runs occur in a normal 'heat' with each driver taking their turn to lead. If the lead car is overtaken by the chase car, its almost guaranteed a win.


As each pair of cars complete the heat, the field is narrowed to Best 32, Best 16, Best 8, Best 4 and then Final. In a Final judges may call for 'one more time' if their decision is difficult due to the skill of both drivers. This is most always demanded by the vocal fans and at the big events and creates an exciting atmosphere as experienced at major ball sport competitions. If a driver makes a simple mistake, their competition is over.