On a warm spring day in Melbourne, Australia, I met Ebrar to photograph her with a super rare Skyline GT-R. She carries a charisma and nature that reflects her professional standards as a fashion stylist.

As I was setting up the flash lighting, GT-R owner Steve said to me “Umm… I think your models here”. I looked up to see Ebrar strolling towards us and was immediately convinced this shoot would be a complete success.

Born and raised in Australia, Ebrar is a professional fashion stylist and model. “I have a knick in fashion styling, and love to express who I am in the way I dress and present myself. In my spare time I love to go for a walk or hit the gym and listen to the latest tunes.”

There's more of Ebrar on Instagram @_ebrarkay 

The second set of images in this gallery is a project I developed with Ebrar. This sexy country girl kind of theme came together at Westerfolds Park, on the north east outskirts of Melbourne's suburbs.