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What is a Modelling Portfolio - A Model's Resume!

What is a Modelling Portfolio - A Model's Resume!

What is a modelling portfolio? Seems obvious... It is the best representation of a model's work and as a model you always want to look your best. But do the images in your portfolio represent you in the best way?

Tina's facial features are highlighted well here. This kind of shot is a definite inclusion in a good modelling portfolio.

 Tina YongPromotional and Import Model Viviane

Viviane is a professional promotional model. Car shots and bikini contests are her forte and this shot makes it a strong inclusion to her modelling portfolio.

These images are needed to ensure you get the right jobs. Agencies and photographers need to see specific images of you to understand that you are the right one for their job. Do you have the right shots in your portfolio? You should have headshots, full length shots, body shots, all the specific shots to ensure you get these jobs. Make sure you have a direction in your portfolio and that your images show you in the best possible way. 

It is very important to choose a photographer who understands your needs as a model. There are a lot of talented photographers available. I head Nishimachi Photography and I make time to understand your requirements as a client, not only as a model. I enjoy getting to know my clients and take the time to understand their goals and what they want out of the shoot. I employ a professional team. Depending on what is required I will have a full cast on the scene to ensure the photo shoot provides you with the best possible shots.

I'm Michael Finger and I want to create some winning shots with you. Click on the "Contact Me" button up the top so we can discuss your needs.