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Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. A detailed look

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. A detailed look

The beast that recently conquered Mt Panorama in the Bathusrt 12 hour race is an obvious result of hard work by the team during the event. Though this successful result is attributed to the hard work in developing this car in regions across the world in GT3 ruling. The factory Nissan team running in Super Taikyu, Japan's headline endurance championship, has played a big part in the development of this car available to anyone who wants one. As long as you qualify for the list price of ¥49,800,000 which is around AUD$540,000 one of these beasts will be built to your order.

Modded fairly significantly into rear wheel drive GT3 race spec the GT-R Nismo has many interesting points that have been added for pure performance, though I also see these points as artwork. I had some time to photograph the #24 ThreeBond Nissan Technical College GT-R close up on track at the Super Taikyu round in Okayama. It finished third, on the podium with another GT-R that took the outright win. As the name of the team suggests this team has a great involvement of students doing the work. You think the concept of the Nissan GT Academy for drivers is super cool? Well this technical college that maintains the GT-R GT3 program is just out of this world!

Please enjoy the images as I did sweating it out in late summer 2014 central Japan while taking the photos.







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