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Nismo Showroom, Tsurumi Japan.

Nismo Showroom, Tsurumi Japan.

The Nismo Showroom in Tusrumi is not far from Nissan's global headquarters in Yokohama. It is a showcase of the highest performance Nissan has to offer. It displays performance parts available for Nissan owners, a workshop (Omori Factory), cars from the Heritage Museum, race suits and helmets of famous drivers.

Around six months after the facility opened (March 2013) I headed there. I'm an absolute Nissan fanatic. I was born into a Datsun family and I've owned a number of iconic Datsun/Nissan's. I decided to live in Japan mainly due to my passion for Nissan and Japanese cars. Just like going to my first Super GT race and Nismo Festival, arriving at the Nismo Showroom I became enveloped in emotion. 

This first part of my visit is a taste of what's inside. In this post you'll see the entrance, helmets and race suits of the drivers I idolise.

Nismo Showroom EntryNissan R390 GT1Nissan R390 GT1 DriversNissan R390, Nissan Skyline GT-R LM, Nissan R88CMasahiro Hasemi's HelmetKazuyoshi Hoshino's HelmetSatoshi Motoyama's HelmetMichael Krumm's HelmetMasataka Yanagida's HelmetRonnie Quintarelli's HelmetBernoit Truleyer's Race SuitMichael Krumm's Race SuitSatoshi Motoyama's Race Suit

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