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Inessa Tushkanova - Car Racer & Playboy Model

Inessa Tushkanova - Car Racer & Playboy Model

Inessa Tushkanova is a professional model and an absolute rev-head! She is perhaps more enthusiastic about cars than she is about high heels and hand bags. She's a real action lover; motorcycles, rally cars, time attack and road cars. In 2013 she was invited to compete in the Yokohama Work Time Attack Challenge. At her disposal was Nissan Skyline GT-R and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.


I spent some time to interview and photograph her. At first I was a little nervous. She is very attractive and a serious world-renowned driver. I soon got comfortable with her and realised that she is down-to-earth and fun-loving.

Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32 Time AttackNissan Skyline GT-R BNR32 Time Attack 

Inessa: Hi! My name is Inessa Tushkanova. I'm from Ukrane but I live in Russia and now I'm in World Time Attack in Australia


Michael: What's that your favourite car to drive on the road every day?


Inessa: My favourite car is a Porsche 911, but I don't have one. Now I'm driving BMW X6 M and its a perfect car. I love it so much. It handles like my Rally Evo. Its possible to drive fast everyday and I have a lot of fun.


Inessa Tushkanova, Playboy Model and car racer

Michael: So when did you first start competing in motorsport?


Inessa: It was in 2006 in Ukraine.


Michael: And what kind of event was that?


Inessa: It was a motor Rally. I got third place in the end of the year and the next year I started as a Co-driver in Ukrainian Rally Championship and competed in eight Rallies. From 2008 I started as a driver in a four wheel drive Subaru, Group N class, in the Ukranian Rally Championship.


When I do some corner fast right and nice. I try to repeat it and I live with this moment. We cannot go every time perfect. When you do something perfect it's incredible and gives very much satisfaction. To get results you need hard work. Its true. You need to spend a lot of time on the track to understand the car and try to do your best.


Michael: This weekend in Australia you're driving in the World Time Attack Challenge. Why did you decide to come to Australia to drive other people's cars in this Challenge.


Inessa: You know I just have an invitation from the organiser, Ian, to come here and drive some cars, show that Ukrainian people have interest in Australia and World Time Attack series because its a strong and nice event and lot of people come here. We wanted to show that lot of countries can come and compete. 


Time Attack is a nice competition. It's very interesting because we have such powerful cars and it's very difficult to drive and not all drivers can drive such powerful cars. Mine has almost 700 horsepower and its not easy. For women, girls its so nice to show people that you can drive such strong cars. Such nice cars. People get crazy when they see that you can drive 700 horsepower cars. That's incredible!


Watch the VIDEO interview.