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Choosing The Right Photographer

Choosing The Right Photographer

How do you know the photographer you have hired is not only right for the job but will be a delight to work with? Sure, your key requirement is great images, though value for your money is most important in fitting your budget.

During the search for a photographer you would have at least been asking yourself; Do they look presentable? How well do they communicate before, during and after the event? How soon do they complete the post production required? Are they really worth it?

  1. Presentation is important if the photographer will be placed among your customers and/or guests. If you have briefed the the photographer they will understand how they should present themselves without you even asking.
  2. During the search for your photographer your initial communication with them should be a fine indicator of how they normally conduct themselves. Being 'customer centric' is what I call it. Always making sure that my customer's/client's wants and needs are first. If they take long to respond to your initial enquiry and they don't have good reason, its likely they're usually relaxed in this way. The way they communicate over the phone and any email messaging will also indicate their level of professionalism.
  3. Do they keep good communication right till the end of providing their services? If all requirements from each party are recognised there should be no surprises. The photographer should advise you of a realistic time frame to complete the project. Do they follow up their clients after the project is finished? I'm always interested to understand my client's level of satisfaction. Following them up after the project is finalised, invoiced and settled means they are most likely to give me an honest recollection of my services and the value they received.

These key areas of good business practice are sometimes skipped when working with creative people. There are some very talented people in our world; some are terribly unfocussed on business because they choose to be, some don't know where they go wrong, the business focused creative people combine the best and don't compromise in the value they represent for their clientele.

I drive Nishimachi Photography to be a valuable combination of creativity and business focus. My creativity comes naturally and my skills have been built since high school. Being a photography geek who would develop a film during recess then lock myself in the dark room during lunch time paid off. My skills have stemmed from there over the last 20 years.

My business focus comes from my varied experience in different industries and more recently working for a global car brand. I communicate with people from all levels of business right up to the board of this three letter German brand. This gives me the confidence of delivering endless value as a customer centric professional photographer.