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A Photographer Who Can Write? A Photojournalist!

A Photographer Who Can Write? A Photojournalist!

Photojournalism has evolved greatly in recent years with an increase in bloggers. There is a great mix of photojournalists and bloggers around. It may be wise to engage the services of a photographer who can write. A full package of not only communicating the visual appeal through photography but overall engaging content is what your money should buy.

Maybe a writer who places themselves well in business communications is a surety? A well rounded photographer who is a good writer should have this covered so the editor has little, if anything at all, to do prior to publishing. Whether you require these services for your company, publication or personal promotion - a model or motor sport team needing promotion.

For years now I have been creating communications that resonate with my client's/employer's audience. These include industry and consumer product releases,  event press releases, event guides and magazine articles. This article was a feature in Performance Auto and Sound Magazine (Canada based, distributed throughout the USA), showcasing my photography highlighting key features of the car and the story about it.

 PASMAG Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nur

I enjoy creating these communication pieces and a good part of that enjoyment comes from knowing I have met, in some cases surpassed, the expectations of the editor/client. Seeing the final communication on screen or in print is an obvious sign of success (because it will not be published if the client does not believe it adds value to their brand).

Nishimachi offers complete photojournalism that includes; photography, press/media releases, magazine articles, website production, mailing list maintenance, social media and online community development. I have demonstrated experience in all of these facets of media and therefore confident in offering highly valuable solutions to any prospective and existing client.

For a discussion on how I can meet your needs contact me by phone or email.