Anna Romero is a Filipino born star living in Auckland, New Zealand. She has been widely photographed in NZ and in recent years earned the credibility of an international model judge. She directs her own company Anna Romero Productions specialising in entertainment services.

For over five years she has been directing and choreographing pageants and competitions. This makes her one of the best connected and experienced women to direct fashion, modelling and beauty pageants in Auckland. As a model, Anna is limitless with poses and brought great inspiration to the shoot. Want more of Anna? Check her out here.

Anna and I created the styling with expert makeup and hair stylist Adjoa. Adjoa directs her own Auckland based business, Xceptional Makeup. She brought this classic smokey eye with some silver to life in combination with textured curls after an enjoyable discussion between me and Anna. Adjoa's brilliant talent is available to anybody who wants their natural beauty complimented through makeup artistry. She aims to create unforgettable looks that will wow you first, then others.

Xceptional Makeup specialises in makeup for all occasions including weddings, ball, engagement, events, fashion, makeup classes, hair styling, eye lash extensions and more. Adjoa's skill is obvious in these photos of Anna and additionally her personality is warm and positive. It was a pleasure to be laughing all the way through conversation with her. Do you want top notch makeup artistry and hairstyling? Contact her here.